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Natural organic food from Siberia

Pine-nut Coffee, Shelf-fungus Tea, Rosebay (willow-herb) Tea and other products.

Pine-nut Coffee — whole pine-nut flavored coffee.

This beverage combines the true taste and delicate flavor of natural pine nut, soft cream and balanced sweetness. Delicate flavor of Pine-nut Coffee is an excellent alternative of cacao and "3-in-1" coffee.

Production of Pine-nut Coffee includes only natural ingredients, preserving all wholesome pine nuts. This brewed coffee produces natural coffee grounds, so it is recommended to use cafetière as for ground coffee.

Shelf-fungus Tea

Shelf-fungus — unique source of anti-oxidants. Due to its antitumor properties, shelf-fungus has no comparable counterparts. Shelf-fungus includes a wide range of healthy elements which embrace the so-called chromogenic complex, being characteristic of this mushroom.

Shelf-fungus Tea has neutral and taiga-like flavor, even has the taste of traditional beichao black tea.

Promotes treatment and prevention of oncological diseases, gastric ulcer and gastritis. It improves immunity, cardio-vascular system and tonus.

Rosebay (willow-herb) Tea

Classical ripe and ready tea after fermentation and maturation. It is deliciously flavorable and well-balanced. True tea-lovers can not be indifferent to this beverage.

To produce this tea, upper and middle rosebay (willow herb) leaves are selectively hand-plucked. The tea leaf plucking lasts for one month. The plucking is only in remote environmentally-friendly areas of Tomsk Oblast (i.e. far from roads and populated locality).

Russian ice cream

Made from natural ingredients on milk and milk cream.

Siberian agricultural products

Wheat, rapeseed, flour, vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower, soybean).

Frozen taiga berry

Berry, which is collected in ecologically clean, inaccessible areas of the Tomsk region: cranberries, blueberries, honeysuckle, sea buckthorn.

Honey and bee products

Honey in honeycombs, wax, propolis which are made on apiaries in taiga districts of the Tomsk region and foothills of Altai.
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