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Ядро кедрового ореха в сосновом сиропе 110 г; 220 г Сибирский Знахарь

Pine nut kernel in pine syrup "Siberian healer", 110g; 220 g

Pine nut
Ingredients: Young cedar cone, sugar, pine nut kernels, lemon juice.

Sweet tooths know how often it is not easy to find truly natural treats in stores.

We have prepared a completely new product - pine nut kernel in pine syrup.

One jar contains such an amount of vitamins, which is enough for a person's daily intake and even more.

In the production process, only natural products were used, grown in the forests of Siberia.

Nuts in pine syrup are an absolutely unique product for our market.

You will be delighted with the unusual combination of the familiar taste of nuts with the fresh scent of pine.

This taste cannot be forgotten!