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Unique eco-products from Siberia

About us
We are SIBERECO, a producer of unique eco-products to strengthen the immune system. We are the first who invented and patented such products as: Pine Nut Coffee, Chaga tea and FIREXIR. Our assortment is diverse, we offer products from Siberian wild plants, which are produced with preserving the benefits of Taiga gifts according to our own recipe. Our team is proud to offer healthy premium quality products and to improve the quality of life not of our team and all the people who are conscious about their nutrition.

Working for people, we strive to build long-term and respectful relationship with consumers and partners.
We have refused to complicated compositions in our product, we do not use food supplements that increase the period of shelf life, even if these food supplements are permitted by the Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection). We manufacture all of the products a few days before shipment.

A simple approach without chemicals, while taking care of your health.
The atmosphere in the company is the key to everything. We are sure that mood influences taste. Therefore, it is important for us to keep a favorable atmosphere not only to support the team spirit, but also to create quality product.

Our products are often presented as gifts. After all, this is a delicious Siberian souvenir that will delight the most demanding gourmet and strengthens the immune system.

We invite you to become familiar with the catalog of our company.

+7 (909) 542-30-93 — Viktoriya Andreeva, sales manager (foreign customers)


634045, 9/30 Mokrushina Street, Tomsk, Russia

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