Pine nuts with spices

Pine nuts with spices as a grab-and-go snack or as cooking seasoning.

Pine nuts with spices is a unique Siberian product that combines a delicate taste of pine nuts and a whole bunch of aromatic herbs and spices.

Traditionally we use only natural ingredients – premium quality pine nuts, mix of spices and herbs and Siberian eco-salt. This unique combination inspired us to create simple and delicious product.

Salted pine nuts seasoned with spices is a great and very convenient snack option for every day. With tea, coffee or any cold drink it will deal with your hunger.

Also, Pine nuts with spices will perfectly complement any salad or main course. With our nuts you can add less salt to your dishes and give them a new unique flavor.

About the benefits of pine nuts

Pine nut is a unique Siberian product that combines high nutritional and taste qualities, and even surpasses some products of animal origin, in terms of calorific value, digestibility and other indicators.

The benefits and qualities of pine nuts are well known today. They are rich in valuable fats, nitrogenous substances, micro and macro elements. This product is easily absorbed by the body, so even a small handful of pine nuts satisfy the daily needs of an adult for essential amino acids.

Pine nut kernels contain 63.9% of high-quality oil and 17.2% of easily digestible proteins, which include 19 amino acids. Pine nut protein, in comparison with the proteins of other products, has a higher content of deficient amino acids.

Pine nuts are especially useful in the nutrition of children, since the vitamins contained in it contribute to the growth of the body. Vitamins A, B, E have a multipurpose effect on growth, the functioning of organs and the absorption of nutrients.

Pine nuts acquire additional value due to their special content. For example, the fat in pine nuts has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels and the development of atherosclerosis.

About the beneficial properties of salt.

Salt is an important product for human life.

Its use directly affects the processes occurring in the body. Salt is the main source of sodium for humans.

As is known, the greatest amount of useful elements is contained in the salt of stone deposits. What is the peculiarity of the Siberian eco-salt?

  • Eco-salt is not subjected to chemical and heat treatment, which means that it retains all the useful elements. In addition to the standard salt formula (NaCl), our eco-salt contains 73 micro- and macro-elements, including magnesium, calcium and selenium.
  • In 2017, the Laboratory at the Research Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University under Sibereco’s request, performed a laboratory study of eco-salt. The results have showed that our eco-salt contains 73 different elements. We found out, that Siberian eco-salt is rich in magnesium, calcium, selenium, iodine, fluorine, silicon, zinc and other useful elements.

Try our new product! “Pine nuts with spices” is a great reason to start a habit of healthy snacks and to diversify your usual homemade dishes.